Thank God for that one fan

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YOU are what makes this happen!!!

by Curtis Crane

Curtis with guitar

Curtis in the 2000’s

Curtis from KillDevil Theory here.  For better or worse, I am the founding member of KillDevil Theory.

I have been involved with this group of musicians and performance artists under different titles since 1997 – along the way we’ve changed a lot!!  Everything from our goals and values to our reputation.

KDT circa 2017

My life begins and ends with God, family, music, football, and friends. Being a member of this group has made me who I am today. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the beautiful faces of our fans and feeling my clothes vibrate against my body when the first few notes happen at our shows. I look forward to that moment of relaxation after shows where we get to chat with the people that sacrifice their time to come out and see us and talk about music, the Bible or the problems in their lives – you guys are my second family 

 Part of the joy of playing is the comforts you get used to as well-  getting that nice plate of Huevos Rancheros while suffering sleep deprivation, knocking out your workout that is loading and unloading equipment for 3 hours before and after every show and seeing your little ones jump up and down when you finally get home…’s a grind but it’s kinda beautiful at times!!

As a young musician in the early 1990’s, I figured all of this was based on a plan to get the most pleasure out of life.  Try to make a lot of money, try to become more popular….try to have as much fun as possible along the way……..dang I was stupid…lol.   

It’s what all the big bands of the time seemed to be about- fame, fortune and pleasure.   I feel so sorry for the ones that have died and never got to actually experience the satisfaction involved with living for and helping others.  Maybe some of them did but the values they broadcast weren’t good for the most part.  That is if you live for Jesus and live to love others and love God. 

Today, I’m used to being criticized and ridiculed for being one of those “Christian Bands.”  It’s cool.  I love our purpose and believe it’s a true gift from God.  I hope we can inspire, entertain and show love to as many people as possible through our music.  If that’s wrong, then we (my wife and I) don’t wanna be right….lol  

No, we don’t support socialism nor the drug and alcohol scene nor the drama drama drama mindset nor the be cool at all costs mindset…..we just wanna be good family members, help as many people as we can while we are here and spread the love of Jesus.  Yep, we’re not very cool…lol  We’re pretty boring but we sure love sharing music and the message of love and hope with others. You will never have to worry about profanity in our music or subject matter that is not family and Christian oriented.  I’m sure that’s not the right answer for some people, it’s cool- we are what we are.

 I have to think my daughter and God for all us this….for basically allowing us the opportunity to go to hell and back to grow up and become the people we were meant to be.   I’ll cover what happened with her another time but we could never be the same after those events…..


KDT around 2010

I just want YOU to know that YOU are what keeps us going.  The messages we get from you guys, the prayers we receive and all the support is what makes this worth doing in the end.   Our little band has grown quite a bit from pulling off covers at first- playing in the worst bars you could imagine and every other place that would have us to now working on our 3rd album.  It’s been an awesome journey and we have you to thank for all of it!!!  (and God too…lol)


Anyways, welcome aboard and if you ever need prayers or just someone to vent to, shoot me a message and we’ll do the best we can!!

First Logo



Magazine Review

First review of our band


I hope that now at the end of this (my first ever personal blog entry…yeah – for real!) you might take just one minute to add your thoughts or a comment below – we’d really appreciate hearing what you think of our music, this story, and what we should be sharing with you in the blogs to come! Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience as an individual, or as a fellow artist? KillDevil Theory owes its continued existence to one single email message, I guarantee if you ever drop me an email, your message will carry just as much weight, and that you’ll get a reply. 


…and I’d like to see other members of KDT sharing this blog space with me in the near future – I need some ammo to sweet talk some of them into it, so if you’d like to see that happen, take one quick moment to leave a comment below help me out!


Welcome to our tribe! (with your support, hopefully we don’t get voted off the island)




  • Keith Munn says:

    You guys rock. I shared the songs with my fiancee
    She loved it too. I’ll be on the lookout for more!

    • Curtis Crane says:

      Thanks for sharing, Keith. That’s great to hear. Congrats on the engagement!! We’ll be sending out more soon.

      • Steven Free says:

        Love the music and love the sound. Keep up the good work.

        • James Bond says:

          You guys are just brilliant,from the song writing,the vocals,the playing of the instruments,l really enjoyed listening to you guys so keep up the good work your doing,and all the best for the future.You band ROCKS\m/.

          • Curtis Crane says:

            Thank You, James. Thank You for the encouragement! We can be nothing without our fans support.

        • Thomas S VANBUREN says:

          Just heard your music and message and love it that for your hard work and the glory to Jesus

  • Thank God you’re there!
    Thanks for the hard job you’re doing for all of us.
    You rock n more

  • I m already there n I always will!
    Thanks to you guys!
    Franco Frontini

  • Trevor Hughes says:

    So glad that I’ve heard KDT!! Your band is killer!! You have a new follower in me🤘🏻 It was a very well written blog! I love stuff that is all heart and real! Hopefully I will see you someday!! Love from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

  • jamie says:

    well done, keep up the good work!!!!

  • jamie says:

    well done, keep up the good work!!!! All the best

    • James Bond says:

      You guys are just brilliant,from the song writing,the vocals,the playing of the instruments,l really enjoyed listening to you guys so keep up the good work your doing,and all the best for the future.You band ROCKS\m/.

  • David La Bruyère says:

    I stumbled across this band and cannot tell you where as I don’t remember. I am a music fanatic and will download and listen to just about anything. I saw your download available and, of course, I had to give it try. I am liking what I hear! I listened to “As I Kneel” a couple of times and upon hearing “Make Me Broken”, I had to let you know your music rocks!!

    • Elizabeth Jawahreh says:

      Love your music. Praying for you all. Look forward to hearing lots of new music in the future. 🎶

  • Christopher.j.keats says:

    Like the music and message I hope one day that you will come to play at Rogers Arena in Vancouver Canada .I work at the Arena as a Stage Grip for a company called Riggit Services.I would to install the show.With out God nothing is possible.with God everything is possible and to live without fear.

    • Curtis Crane says:

      With Gods help, we will take you up on that someday. The music is for Him, and we endeavor to listen to Him and make it from Him. Even if we never become superstars, we don’t want to submit to the worlds standards but to His. He is Holy, so we must strive to be Holy like him.*Although this is impossible without the working of Jesus Christ in our hearts* We believe that our music is an instrument that God gave us and we have no right to misuse it….in fact, the misuse will further the depravity found in the world. It is something we are to protect and hold in reverence of Him, not of our own lusts. Thank You for the offer, and we will see what God has in store for the both of us in the future. Thank You for the Encouragement!

  • James says:

    You guys are just brilliant,from the song writing,the vocals,the playing of the instruments,l really enjoyed listening to you guys so keep up the good work your doing,and all the best for the future.You band ROCKS\m/.

  • Don Adriance says:

    The music is GREAT I really Love it and want more!!!

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