Value of $166……..All for $60.      

Thank you so much for taking a chance on our music…..We REALLY Appreciate you!!   We noticed it’s getting cooler out and thought you might enjoy a new KillDevil Theory Hoodie!   Check out the picture below- they are AWESOME!!   In addition, we’ll throw in our entire musical catalog in a box set including all CD’s, posters and some other goodies.


  1. Autographed Black Jack CD  ($15 Value)
  2. Sealed Black Jack CD  ($11 Value)
  3. Autographed KDT CD  ($15 Value)
  4. Sealed KDT CD    ($11 Value)
  5. Black Jack Digital Download  ($5 Value)
  6. Black Jack Instrumental Download  ($5 Value)
  7. KDT Digital Download  ($5 Value)
  8. KDT Instrumental Download  ($5 Value)
  9. Autographed Black Jack Poster ($5 Value- shown below)
  10. Autographed KDT Poster ($5 Value – shown below)
  11. 2 Black Jack Stickers ($5 Value -shown below)
  12. ACCESS TO KILLDEVIL THEORISTS FACEBOOK GROUP- Chat with band members and other fans, get free stuff from the band along with updates on new events and music.
  13. Autographed Second Coming CD ($15 Value)  (THE NEW ALBUM- To be released soon!)
  14. Sealed Second Coming CD ($15 Value) (THE NEW ALBUM!)
  15. Second Coming Digital Download ($5 Value)
  16. Autographed Second Coming Poster ($5 Value)
  17. KDT Hoodie ($39 Value)


While normally this collection would sell for more than $160.00, you can get access to EVERYTHING for just $60. That’s all the music we have on CD(including our new album coming out soon!), autographed posters from each album and the stickers for more than HALF OFF the normal price.


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To order, simply click on the “Order Now” link below and the download links to all of the material will be sent to your inbox in just a few moments- the other items will ship out usually within 24 hours and arrive in less than a week.




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