Black Jack Videos

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We are always working on more videos for our newest album, “Black Jack.”  Here are the videos we have completed so far!! ~COME AND TAKE THEM (MOLON LABE)~ ~REVOLUTION CALLS~   ~RAMSOUR’S MILL~

Thank God for that one fan

Magazine Review

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YOU are what makes this happen!!! by Curtis Crane Curtis from KillDevil Theory here.  For better or worse, I am the founding member of KillDevil Theory. I have been involved with this group of musicians and performance artists under different titles since 1997 – along the way we’ve changed a lot!!  Everything from our goals […]

it’s all about you

our daughter

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“Ara” at age 7 Hey it’s Curtis from KillDevil Theory. After the life-changing experience of the birth and survival of my daughter, “Ara” back in 2008, Deanna and I dedicated our lives to helping others through the word of God.   In essence, I have to thank my new found faith in Jesus for the life […]

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