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Our new album, “Second Coming” has numerous meanings.  The 1st is that we are not even close to done in regards to creating more songs for you to listen to and preserving our sanity.  Our last drummer stepped away, the world is starting to melt down and we are more fired up than ever to create and do the will of God!!  2nd:  The battles that we are engaged in and the battles that you may be fighting right now are not going to take you out; they are going to make us all stronger.  The best is yet to come as long as we don’t give up.  If you can look up, then  you can get up- so keep fighting to KILL that DEVIL in your life and we’ll be right there with you!!  3rd, We believe completely that there is life after death.  We look forward to heaven and the next coming of Jesus.  We want to help as many people as possible prepare for the day of Judgement BUT as long as we still have breathe in us, we are going to keep spreading Christ’s message of love anywhere we can!  This thought leads us to why we are making this album at this time….This world is becoming very dark and we want to use our platform to shine the love of Jesus and bring hope.  We want to leave this world a better place for our children and believe we can with the support of others that believe in this “theory.”  Music allows us to provoke thought and action about the events happening in our society.  Will you join us in spreading this music and message??

Our Story

Hey its Curtis from KillDevil Theory. After the life-changing experience of the birth and survival (born at 14 ounces) of my daughter, “Ara” back in 2008, Deanna (wife and lead singer) and myself have dedicated our lives to walking with Jesus and making music that supports his message.  Strangely, we didn’t want to write the same “Christian” music you hear on the radio.  We wanted to challenge ourselves musically and had enjoyed playing Rock and Metal music in the past.  From flipping around Christian Radio, we noticed there was definitely a need for some heavier Christian music.  She picked up a pen and I picked up my guitar and we began to write songs.  We discovered that not only is writing music a great outlet for our own health and sanity but that it also creates hope, inspiration and fun for other people going through their own dark places.  This became our mission.

Ara in the Nicu

Ara in August 08

our daughter“Ara” at 8 years old









We’re currently working on our 3rd studio album entitled “Second Coming”, which will be our newest release without a record label. While we have been fortunate enough to reach thousands of people with our music, it’s our goal to inspire more people than ever before with this album in order to spread that message and enjoyment even further.

   *** Click below to preview “No Answer” featured on the new album***


To create the best rock/metal album we’ve ever done and bring hope, inspiration and relief to as many people around the globe as possible while sharing the amazing example of Jesus. This requires a great team so we’ve teamed up with our friends: Producer/Sound Engineer Matt James Dougherty (Disturbed, Megadeth, Staind, 3 Doors Down, Pop Evil, Sevendust, Red Sun Rising, and countless others), Chris Greenwood (Manafest) -as a consultant.  We’ve also utilized a new band lineup to expand our sound including Andrea Vadrucci aka “Vadrum” on drums and Dusty Bo on vocals.


Making a great song is a challenge in itself, starting with the songwriting.  We put our new song lyrics under a microscope, ensuring the words are clear and also make a backdrop for a good melody.  We believe instrumentally, the band dug deeper than ever to create the best riffs we ever have across the board for the music production.  All of this provides the backdrop for the best vocal lines we’ve ever produced- it all gets mixed and mastered ready to serve up to you!  We are so blessed to have such a great team to help us make the best music possible.


  • Sergio says:

    When will you be releasing “Second Coming?” I’m anticipating it eagerly.

    • Curtis Crane says:

      Hello Sergio, Any day now. We had to re-track the last song and should have it off to the producer this week. Hopefully all completed next week.

  • Chris Young says:

    Hi my name is Chris Young I ordered a USB drive and a whole bunch of stuff T-shirt a sweaty hoodie your all your albums are big list of stuff and I never received all of my order so I was just wondering when you were leasing the album and the rest of the stuff that I ordered ….

  • Eric says:

    Just wondering when the “Second Coming” instrumental album will be ready to download?

    • Curtis Crane says:

      Hey Eric,

      Pretty much have that all done. Just have to get it finalized- should be good by this weekend. Thanks for your patience!

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