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“Ara” at age 7

Hey it’s Curtis from KillDevil Theory. After the life-changing experience of the birth and survival of my daughter, “Ara” back in 2008, Deanna and I dedicated our lives to helping others through the word of God.  

In essence, I have to thank my new found faith in Jesus for the life I have and love now and for getting me through that time along with lots of good music and the love of my family.  She was born at 11 ounces- it was a new state record at the time for a child to survive. It pushed our family to limits I never dreamed of. We lived at the hospital with her in the NICU for almost 9 months. It was touch and go every day and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through it.

Ara in the Nicu

Before she was even born, the doctors told us to have an abortion- that there is no way she would survive until birth.  After her birth, doctors told us for days to “prepare for the worst.” We saw new tubes, needles and challenges every day. One day about 4 months into her life, she got very sick with an infection and her body was barely able to maintain her oxygen levels.  She had to be intubated and seemed to be fading….the staff at the hospital started making funeral arrangements with us- it was a living hell. 

Thankfully, we discovered the power of prayer through my family after being an agnostic my whole life. It worked EVERY SINGLE TIME when times were hard. I promised myself and God that I would live and work for him after that experience- that I would essentially live to love others and help others. That I would raise a godly, moral young woman in my daughter that would hopefully hold the same values her whole life and would live to love others. His guidance has never let me down- since then, the only times I feel pain in life generally come when I try to do things my way and not his.

Ara in the Nicu with binky

 I have loved music most of my life and dreamed of making a living in a band. It wasn’t until the birth of my daughter that I realized how screwed up my priorities were, how selfish I had been and what my purpose was. I now know that my purpose with music is to inspire, motivate, help, advise and educate….in short, to love other people; to help other people.

I finally realized that the beautiful thing about music is that it can be the right answer for anything. Other products only have a small, specific purpose….take lawnmowers for example, they are only helpful to people with lawns. But music can help anyone at anytime through anything- it is the Swiss army knife of life.  

This is where “KillDevil Theory” began. I finally understood that I needed to “kill” the devil in my life- my hang ups, temptations, selfish obsessions, hates etc… If I could do that….no, not if… I had to do that to be a better father, husband and human being. Imagine if all of us could make our selves live better with the goal of loving others, caring for others and helping others- it would be hard not to make the world a much better place. In theory, this would make the world the best it could be if we would only follow the example of Jesus and love and live for others……hence the “Kill Devil” Theory.

Over time, we discovered that our music had the ability to create hope and inspiration for other people in their own dark places, and that became our mission. It’s a hurting world out there, and we all need a boost of encouragement from time to time. 





  • Jamie Lonergan says:


  • Jamie Lonergan says:

    excellent, well done keep going

    • Deanna Elizabeth Crane says:

      Thank You for the encouragement, Jamie! We hope this may have given you a little more hope for whatever you may be struggling with today.

  • Tommy L Uselton Jr says:

    I really love your testimony…That in alone is a inspiration for me. I really love the Blackjack and KDT CDs. I appreciate the ministry you have and I praise JESUS that he put this in your heart because heavy metal has been my go to when I want to relax and think about life.Many Jesus size Blessings on you and the band. I love you all.

    Your fan in Christ, Tommy Uselton Jr.

    • Deanna Elizabeth Crane says:

      *KILLDEVILTHEORY-Thank You for all of your kind words, Tommy! God is a wonderful weaver….He takes what Satan means to destroy us and uses everything we learned from that experience AGAINST him. He and He alone makes us stronger. Our purpose is to Glorify Him and try to love people the way Christ does- these will always be our #1 priority. I pray for your blessings as well as challenges that will come your way. I hope our music continues to speak to you and comfort you.- Love, Your Brother and Sister in Christ.

  • Deanna Begley says:

    What an awesome story! So inspirational that I felt compelled to share it!

  • Jeff Sawyer says:

    Amen Curtis. You and Deanna are a very blessed couple with an amazing family. Keep up the awesome work and ROCK ON!!!!!!

    Your brother in Christ

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