Die Another Day is Out!!

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Our first song from the new album is out!! Check it out:

New Album from KillDevil Theory!!

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WHY ARE WE CREATING THIS ALBUM? Our new album, “Second Coming” has numerous meanings.  The 1st is that we are not even close to done in regards to creating more songs for you to listen to and preserving our sanity.  Our last drummer stepped away, the world is starting to melt down and we are […]

New Drummer

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Please welcome Andrea Vadrucci aka “Vadrum” aboard as our new drummer for our new album “Second Coming”. Here’s a sneak peak of how things are sounding for the new album with this preview video of “No Answer.”  (Just drums and guitar at this point but we are hard at work on the new album)   We’ll […]

Black Jack Videos

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We are always working on more videos for our newest album, “Black Jack.”  Here are the videos we have completed so far!! ~COME AND TAKE THEM (MOLON LABE)~ ~REVOLUTION CALLS~   ~RAMSOUR’S MILL~

Thank God for that one fan

Magazine Review

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YOU are what makes this happen!!! by Curtis Crane Curtis from KillDevil Theory here.  For better or worse, I am the founding member of KillDevil Theory. I have been involved with this group of musicians and performance artists under different titles since 1997 – along the way we’ve changed a lot!!  Everything from our goals […]

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